My Trip To India- 2004/05



Durgesh and his family - it was so nice to meet them ...
At the home of Durgesh and Pragya

Humayun's Tomb

A very nice, quiete and pleasant place in Dheli ...
Humayun's Tomb

Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar 1 Qutb Minar 2

Lotus Temple

People of any religion come here to pray their god ...
Lotus Temple


Taj Mahal

What a wonderful place ...
Taj Mahal 1 Taj Mahal 2
... with the great sight on Yamuna ...
Yamuna 1 Yamuna 2
...and a mosque on each side ...
...with an impressive entrance
Entrance Details


The Western Temple-Group

To me as great as Taj Mahal !
Western Temple-Group 1 Western Temple-Group 2 Western Temple-Group 3 Western Temple-Group 4 Western Temple-Group 5 Western Temple-Group 6

Some Details

Still The Western Temple-Group ...
Details 1 Details 2 Details 3 Details 4 Details 5

Erotic Sculptures

Yoga !?
Erotic Sculptures 1 Erotic Sculptures 2 Erotic Sculptures 3

The South And East Temple-Group

South-East Temple-Group 1 South-East Temple-Group 2 South-East Temple-Group 3

Raneh Waterfalls

Raneh Waterfalls 1 Raneh Waterfalls 2 Raneh Waterfalls 3 Raneh Waterfalls 4 Raneh Waterfalls 5 Raneh Waterfalls 6

With my family

Best of my trip to India ...


The house in Indore The house in Indore
My dear family in Indore
Bua Vidya Vishaka Shivani Uncle Rajendra
... look at these beautiful women ...
Bua Vidya Shivani and her children


Thanks a lot for this wonderful trip!
I'm sure, You can imagine that I want to come here once again.


Dear Chitra ...
Floor Chitra children group rakesh kitchen
... it's a great pity, that i didn't take any pictures of the delicious southindian dinner ...


In Goa I met my father.
For the rest of my trip we stayed together almost all the time, which I enjoyed very much.

Dudsaghar Waterfalls

We started our trip to the dudsaghar waterfalls with train ...
.. going ahead by Jeep, wich was really very 'jumpy' ...
... then following a nice little hike ...
... and in the end we succeeded ...

Other pictures of Goa

... all other pictures of Goa sadly were spoiled ...


... all pictures of Gokarn were on the spoiled chip ...

Jogh Falls

... all pictures of the Jogh Falls and the nice friends I met there, were also on the spoiled chip ...
This was the day of the tsunami!
I took the night bus from the Jogh Falls to Mangalore. Here a passenger recommended me to take care and watch the news, before settling my plans of going further to the south, as there was an earthquake somewhere ...


... all pictures of Cochin were also on the spoiled chip ...
Ramesh and me met in Mangalore, at the 4.15h am train to Cochin. (My bus, by the way, reached Mangalore at 4.05h am.) In Cochin for the first time we had the oppourtunity to see the news and get informed about the tsunami. Still, at that time the devasting effect wasn't known yet.


... all pictures of Kovallam were on the spoiled chip to ...


Climbing the Nilgiri Mountains

We started from Trivandrum by train. Via Coimbatore we reached Mettupalayam.
train mettupalayam
Mettupalayam was the starting point of the Nilgiri Blue Mountain Railway .
It took about 5 hours for a distance of 55 km in an old charming steam train.
steam machine steam train inside left side
The breathtaking scenery indemnified us for the uncomfortable narrowness of the train.
brook sight
Overcoming all waylayers ...
waylayers schoolchildren
... we reached the upper regions ...
village upper land
... with beautiful sights on tea plantages ...
tea tea sight
... and the landscape.
Passing Coonor ...
... we finally reached our hotel in Ooty.


We had a great sightseeing tour arround Ooty ...
... where we stayed about four days.

From Ooty to Bangalore

Travelling from Ooty to Bangalore, we enjoyed the luxury of a rented car.
These were two very nice days of the journey ...

Down to Mudumulai

We passed nice places like moviespots, some kricketplayer ...
moviespot kricket
... and the pykara waterfalls ...
pykara pykara pykara pykara pykara pykara
... before we went downwards to the plains.
pykara downwards

Mudumulai and Bandipur Nationalparks

We were lucky to see some animals ...
... and even had an elephantride nearby our accomodation.
elephant limousine


I liked this place very much ...
... with it's nice views and peaceful atmorphere.
I would have liked to stay there much longer.


Some sightseeing

The ISKCON temple, where I became a patron.
iskcon iskcon
The wonderful Bull Temple and Vidhana Soudha
bull temple iskcon


At Richi's home, with his nice family.
richi talking east meets west


My last day in India ... searching for some garlic pickles for Rai.
streets1 streets2
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